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If we all took a minute, we could probably roll off five or ten different ways to make money online in New Zealand. But, in truth, how many of us pursue these additional income ideas, many of which are relatively simple?

In this article, we will look at 12 easy ways to make money online in your spare time. Whether you are looking for additional income or you have recently lost your job, there are many ideas out there to make good money.

Rent out a spare room

One popular way to earn extra money is to advertise a spare room on the many property sharing sites. Thankfully, this industry has developed in line with the latest technology and, more importantly, safety. There are now set procedures to follow when looking to offer your room to individuals or even couples.

In recent years we have seen a significant change in the employment market which has fuelled this sector. Many people are now more mobile and therefore looking at short-term lets wherever their employment skills take them. Consequently, those offering spare rooms in major towns and cities will have a good chance of creating a new income stream.

Sell unwanted possessions

If we are all honest, many of us have an array of possessions we have acquired over the years which we have never used. These are the things that we will “use tomorrow”, but very often, tomorrow never comes. So whether we are looking at mobile phones, clothing, shoes, Christmas gifts or birthday presents, we can all find possessions aplenty that we never use.

Historically, eBay was the site to sell unwanted possessions in a relatively straightforward manner. While eBay is still a significant player, now it is just as easy to advertise your goods to friends and family on social media channels such as Facebook. As many potential buyers will be friends or family, this takes away a significant element of the risk factor.

Rent out a spare room

Rent out your equipment

This is an exciting idea and for many of us a new development, renting out your equipment. You are probably scratching your head and thinking, what kind of equipment could I rent and how much could I make? Well, the list is potentially endless:-

• Fishing equipment
• Bikes
• Skiing equipment
• Caravans
• Cars
• Gardening equipment
• DIY equipment

This list will probably give you food for thought, and when you have time, you will probably be able to come up with several ideas of your own. One of the benefits is that while you make money renting out the equipment; you can use it yourself at any time.

Rent out your equipment

Carry out online surveys

Since the Internet revolution began, many people have made money in New Zealand by carrying out online surveys. However, the length and subject matter associated with the surveys vary significantly. In reality, you would need to do quite a few online surveys to make a “decent income”, but even if you jumped online for an hour a day, the income would soon add up.

Some online survey sites will pay you a fixed rate for every survey, while others will pay you by the hour. If you can find surveys about subjects you have a genuine interest in, they can be pretty informative. Some, but by no means all, online surveys may require you to test particular goods and give feedback. Some nice freebies!

Take part in online surveys

Become a virtual assistant

The beauty of the online revolution is that we can all work from home as if we were in the office. This has created a vast industry around what is now known as “virtual assistants”, comparable to the old-style private secretaries. Advice and skills you have picked up over the years, which you see as straightforward, may be attributes that others have yet to acquire.

It is essential to know your strengths and use your particular skill set when it comes to business. Where you perhaps lack experience and skills, bring in a third party to assist. This is where virtual assistants can be worth their weight in gold – allowing clients to focus on building their business. At the same time, the virtual assistant will carry out some of the more menial/monotonous tasks, arrange diaries and advise on particular subjects. Working hours can also be very flexible!

Become a virtual assistant

Join research panel groups

Even though the Internet has seen a considerable change in how research is carried out and surveys completed, research panel groups are still prominent (virtual and face to face). These panels may cover subjects from everyday expenditure to political views, medical research to religion and many more. You’ll often find that research panel groups tend to be more long-term commitments, but the money can be attractive.

If possible, it would be helpful to find a research panel covering a subject in which you have a genuine interest and a degree of passion. Governments of the day tend to instigate research panel groups when looking to change policies or gather the general public’s views. For many people, this can be an exciting way of making money online in New Zealand.

Join research groups

Dog walking/sitting

They say that a man’s best friend is his dog; well, this is undoubtedly the case when you consider how much money owners spend on their pets. For many people, dog walking and dog sitting services can be very lucrative and the Internet offers the perfect online advertising medium. While some people may see this as “easy money”, you need to remember how important these pets are to their owners. They treat them like family!

While pampered pooches may be a means of increasing your regular income, you are taking on significant responsibility. It is helpful to have experience with pets, whether you own one or as part of a previous dog walking/dog sitting arrangement. The more experience you have, the more popular you will become, and the more you can charge for your services. Make sure you sell yourself online, don’t be shy!

People will pay a lot of money for their pets to be looked after by a competent, caring individual. Is that you?

Walk dogs for extra money

Join the online UBER Eats revolution

Since UBER emerged as an online disruptive presence in the transport industry, the business has gone from strength to strength. There are now many competitors to UBER, but few carry the same resonance with the general public and companies. The introduction of UBER Eats is not just part of a New Zealand online revolution but also part of a worldwide revolution. Takeaways are now able to expand their businesses using UBER drivers to deliver their food on demand.

While demand for UBER Eats drivers continues to rise in New Zealand’s major cities, this is a competitive industry. The on-demand element works flawlessly for businesses and customers, but you are not guaranteed regular work, and it can be sporadic. However, if you have spare time and can make yourself available, the additional income can be useful.

Deliver food as a side hustle

Virtual classes

In years gone by, many teachers and ex-teachers were able to offer out of hours private classes for children who required additional assistance. Obviously, before the Internet revolution, these classes were carried out face-to-face leading to a limited catchment area. However, it is now possible to undertake virtual classes with one or more children at a time convenient for everyone.

You will find that many parents are actively seeking additional outside education services to assist their children. Online virtual classes can be a godsend and not only help educate their kids but also give them more confidence. When families and parents come across someone they can trust to help their children, they tend to stick with them. So, if you have a passion and a skill for child education, this could be an exciting opportunity!

Teach classes virtually

Writing content for websites

When many of us read articles on the Internet, they can sometimes be helpful, but you can feel whether the individual has a real passion for the subject. It is only when you have a real passion that it comes through in your writing, and readers will appreciate it. Consequently, writing articles for websites is now a vast industry, often referred to as content services and one that you can carry out from the privacy of your own home.

While you will need to have a good grasp of particular languages and understand grammar, customers do not expect forensic medical journal type articles. The majority of us want to read an article from somebody who has a passion for the subject, experience, and the ability to write about it. We want the writer to have been there, done it, and worn the T-shirt – this is the best type of content.

Write content for others

Set up a small business

Social media and the Internet have created opportunities for millions of people worldwide to set up their own businesses from home. One business idea which has become prominent in recent times is candle melts and candle lamps. The beauty is that, in this example, candle melts are very easy to make, but people are prepared to pay you to make them. This is the key to any successful long-term business. Finding a service or product people want but are not prepared to do or make themselves. When you provide quality products and services locally, your business can grow exponentially by simple word-of-mouth.

In some cases, managing growth can be challenging, but this is a challenge that many of us would welcome. The key is to find a product or service which is “on trend” and one where you can see a degree of longevity. As you build up your client base, you can then sell peripheral products directly associated with the original products/services. Would you be interested in making money online in New Zealand in this manner?

Start a small business

Start a blog

Even though there are millions of blogs on the Internet, there is always room for one more. Such is the online competition that you will find companies offering free online blogs in exchange for perhaps a small degree of advertising. Often there will be no cost to you, but there will be the opportunity to upgrade from the free package to premium packages as your audience increases.

Making money in New Zealand in this way is something that many people have considered, but only a tiny fraction are willing to persevere. To be successful, you need to have a passion for the subject, a long-term marketing plan and an eventual means of monetising your blog. The early days tend to be an investment in the long-term future of your online business and may see limited, if any, income. However, the longer you persevere and actively market your blog, the more chance of creating a valuable income stream.

It's never too late to start a blog


There are many reasons why people are now looking to the Internet to create worthwhile long-term income streams. They may be struggling financially, looking towards a deposit for a house, hoping to acquire a car or even looking forward to their dream holiday. While there are many opportunities to make money online in New Zealand, they won’t happen overnight. It would help if you were proactive rather than reactive, a leader, not a follower and above all, remain focused on success. You can get there!

Mark Benson

Mark Benson, a renowned and astute stockbroker/financial adviser spending the majority of his finance-related career operating in the United Kingdom. With 16 years+ experience in the financial sector. he still maintains a strong interest in all things financial. Over the years, he has written about subjects such as property finance, loans, pensions, insurance, stock market investments, tax planning and more. Mark believes it is essential to keep up with the latest financial regulations and adapt your finances accordingly, something he portrays in his financial articles.

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