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Loans For Vehicles

Loans for vehicles come in many shapes and forms. Whether it's for industrial use, such as agricultural equipment, investment classic car purchases or your family car, our lending team can team you up with the right finance product, with the best interest rate and repayment schedule. Typically, a vehicle is purchased on finance over a 48-month period, with a deposit. It's best to deposit as much as you can to reduce your interest significantly.

Financing Business Vehicles

If you're using a vehicle to increase business productivity, and it's financially logical to do so, then lending on business vehicles is usually an easier application than a private vehicle. Business vehicles tend not to depreciate as quickly, and generally have demand for resale, which helps offset security when applying for finance.

If your business can show projections of how the new vehicle purchase will improve margins, or profitability, then this gives us great evidence that the transaction is financially viable, assuming you have a good credit history.

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Types of Vehicles Loans

Alternate Finance offers easy vehicle financing for private and business customers across New Zealand. Below are some common options, but if you're making an asset purchase, that's not listed below, please enquire or apply with the specific details

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does finance work when buying a car

It's best to get pre-approved by our finance team, so you can negotiate as a cash buyer. Once you've sealed the deal, we can transfer the cash within 24 hours.

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Can i make additional payments throughout the loan term??

Yes, in fact we encourage this so you can pay off your debt quitcker.The more you reduce your debt at the start of a loan, the less compounding interst you'll have to pay. Also, keep in mind that a larger deposit helps you too.

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What if I can't make the repayments?

Making repayments is important for you rcredit rating. Our best advice is to get one or two payments ahead, allowing a little breathing space. If you miss a payment, it's best to notify us straight away, and if it's going to be a regular problem, we may look at debt consolidation to make the weekly cost more manageable.

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Can you finance cars that are uninsured?

Unfortunately, we need the vehicel to be roadwrothy and insurable. Without this, the vehicle has little value and therefore can't be used as security. It's best to also check if there's money owing on a vehicle prior to you purchasing it. If there is, it becomes your responsibility.

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Online Vehicle Loans New Zealand Wide

Alternate Finance offers fast loans for vehicles in New Zealand and is an established, trusted local financial lender with active charitable undertakings.