How to keep your kids involved in sport, despite the rising costs

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Kiwi kids are increasingly finding themselves sidelined from sports they love, with the ever-increasing costs that come with playing the game they love.

This isn’t only happening at the elite level, with expensive training camps and overseas trips, but also in the case of regular club sports teams, with fees, gear and uniform costs proving too much for many already feeling the pinch.

Charities such as Variety are stepping to the plate to help out with sporting scholarships. They cite the struggles of families just providing the basics of life as the main reason for extra-curricular activities being ruled out. They are seen as “simply unachievable.”

One way to tackle this problem head-on is through coordinated and repeated community fundraising initiatives, and if you’re tired of the same old sausage sizzles and chocolate sales, we’re sourced a few exciting new ‘top sports team fundraising ideas’!

  1. Car Wash. This is particularly suited to team sport fundraising. If you’ve got the whole first fifteen on deck for a Saturday morning, you’ll get through the cars in no time at all!
  2. Climbing Challenge. Get sponsorship to do an ambitious amount of hill or stair climbing over a certain period of time. Sponsorship could be for the whole challenge or per hill/staircase tower. This is the perfect fundraising idea for athletes looking for the fitness edge – nothing kills thighs faster than a stair climb!
  3. Climate-friendly Cycling. With the current concerns about global warming, you’ll get a heap of support for being sponsored to give up having your parent chauffeurs running you around and instead biking everywhere: to school, training, and even the shops in the weekend!
  4. Press-up Challenge. Just like with the climbing challenge, get sponsored to achieve an amount of press ups over a certain amount of time. The perfect way to add body-weight push strength to your sporting repertoire.
  5. Quiz Night. Organise an all-ages sports quiz night, with sponsorship from local businesses and a prize for the winning team.


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