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Personal Small Loans

Alternate finance provide easy personal loans for customers all across New Zealand. Once you're a customer, you can have finance approved within minutes. Below are some of the specific uses that you might use personal finance for.

Small Loans & Big Loans

Our small loans range from $800 - $20,000 NZD, whereas our big loans are usually for businesses financing equipment, asset loans, or businesses requiring funding such as venture capital. For larger loans, we usually get to know you personally and understand your aspirations.

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Types of Personal Loans

Alternate Finance is the home of New Zealand's widest variety of Online Loans. You can apply easily in just 8 minutes and once approved, in most cases, you can have cash in your account within 24 hours. Subject to our credit checks process and in accordance with the NZ responsible lending code.

Online Personal Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Do Small Loans Have To Be Paid Back In?

It’s best to pay off any finance arrangements you have as fast as possible, even if they are in fact small loans because interest will accrue over time. The maximum loan term Alternate Finance offers is 48 months.

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Is There An Early Resettlement Fee?

We encourage you to pay off your finance arrangement as fast as possible, so the fees on small loans for settling early aren’t significant and often we waive those fees. Just chat with us to get your settlement payout amount and we’ll run you through the terms.

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What Exactly Are Easy Loans NZ?

The term “easy” means that you can apply online in under 5 mins, and if you’ve provided us with all the details we need, we can have an answer back to you within 60 minutes. Once approved, cash be in your account within 24 hours.

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Do Small Loans Have Fees & Penalties?

Yes, if you default on your payments there are fees and penalties, just like all easy loans NZ-wide. The best thing to do is to make sure you’re a week or two in advance in your payments, just in case you have a bad week. You can read our terms and conditions in more detail here.

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Does Your online Application Affect My Credit Score?

When applying for small loans, the application is automatically sent to Centrix, an organisation which handles the credit checks. It’s recorded how often you’re applying for loans.

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Online Loans NZ Wide - Quick Personal Cash Loans

Alternate Finance offers instant cash loans NZ wide and is an established and trusted local money lender with active charitable undertakings.