Here you'll find all types of easy loans, NZ personal loans, business loans, and vehicle loans for Kiwis.

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Welcome To The Home Of Easy Loans, NZ -Wide

For quick and easy loans NZ residents need look no further! We make online application extremely simple, and we lend money for just about anything. From small loans to big loans, to personal loans to business loans. We finance almost everything assuming you’re reliable in repayments and have a good credit score.

Small Loans & Big Loans

Our small loans range from $800 - $20,000 NZD, whereas our big loans are usually for businesses financing equipment, asset loans, or businesses requiring funding such as venture capital. For larger loans, we usually get to know you personally and understand your aspirations and repayment timeline. We also provide solutions for consolidating debt NZ-wide.

Our application form is simple and straight forwards so, in an emergency, loans can get reviewed and approved quickly! If you need quick loans we're here to support you every step of the way.

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easy loans

Easy Loans NZ - Style, Apply in 5 mins

Below you’ll find options to choose from which will direct you to our easiest, of easy loans. NZ has tight lending rules, and we pride ourselves in being responsible lenders. Applying for loans online with us is quick and easy, whatever its for we're here to help!

Finance Made Easy In New Zealand

Personal Small Loans - Easy Approval, Instant Finance

Alternate finance provide easy loans NZ -wide and we have provided fast loans for many happy New Zealanders! Once you're a customer, you can have finance approved within minutes. Below are some of the specific uses that you might use personal finance for.

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Large & Small Business Loans - Competitive Interest Rates

If you're running a business, there might be times where you need a loan to expand, or maybe you're just under temporary cash flow pressure. Whatever the reason, Alternate Finance would love to be your business loan finance partner.

We understand businesses, and have made the application process simple so you can get quick cash flow when you need it. We also specialise in consolidating debt. NZ businesses often find this useful so you have all your debt in one place and have a clear view on your finances.

Loans for Vehicles

Loans for vehicles come in many shapes and forms. Whether it's for industrial use, such as agricultural equipment, investment classic car purchases or your family car, our lending team can team you up with the right finance product, with the best interest rate and repayment schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Do Small Loans Have To Be Paid Back In?

It’s best to pay off any finance arrangements you have as fast as possible, even if they are in fact small loans because interest will accrue over time. The maximum loan term Alternate Finance offers is 48 months.

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Is There An Early Resettlement Fee?

We encourage you to pay off your finance arrangement as fast as possible, so the fees on small loans for settling early aren’t significant and often we waive those fees. Just chat with us to get your settlement payout amount and we’ll run you through the terms.

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What Exactly Are Easy Loans NZ?

The term “easy” means that you can apply online in under 5 mins, and if you’ve provided us with all the details we need, we can have an answer back to you within 60 minutes. Once approved, cash be in your account within 24 hours.

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Do Small Loans Have Fees & Penalties?

Yes, if you default on your payments there are fees and penalties, just like all easy loans NZ-wide. The best thing to do is to make sure you’re a week or two in advance in your payments, just in case you have a bad week. You can read our terms and conditions in more detail here.

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Does Your online Application Affect My Credit Score?

When applying for small loans, the application is automatically sent to Centrix, an organisation which handles the credit checks. It’s recorded how often you’re applying for loans.

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Online Loans NZ Wide - Quick Personal Cash Loans

Alternate Finance offers instant cash loans NZ wide and is an established and trusted local money lender with active charitable undertakings.