Meet the Team

The best loan companies have the very best customer service, so that's what we're aiming for. We'll help with questions about how to get a loan, what the best loan type for your situation is, allowing you to pay it off quickly, and we'll make suggestions around debt consolidation to reduce your debts fast. We're here to help, and we're only ever a phone call away unless you live in Christchurch. If you are lucky enough to live in our great city, we are one of the most reputable and longstanding Christchurch finance companies that invite you to walk in our doors and chat with us in person.




We will treat you like a real person

Our staff members are from all different backgrounds so we understand real life situations and hardships. We can relate to what you might be going through, as many of us have been solo mothers or on the benefit at some point and we know that life comes with its ups and downs. But at Alternate Finance, we are here to assist you in these times, whether it’s paying an unexpected bill, buying a new car or just for when you need some extra cash. Come and see us and enjoy being treated like a person, not a number.


Our customers return to us

Over 80% of our customers return to Alternate Finance in the future. Our customer service is second to none and you’ll even receive a birthday card and a Christmas calendar from the team! Old-fashioned customer service is how we operate, and we’re proud of it. Whenever you are considering getting a short-term cash loan, look to Alternate Finance to help you out.


Christchurch Owned & Operated

Alternate Finance is proud to be one of the only Christchurch finance companies owned and operated in the South Island, yet supporting Kiwis throughout New Zealand. We're a business that came from humble beginnings, and we treat our customers fairly. You shouldn't borrow money if you can avoid it, but if you really have to, then come to us, and we'll make sure you get a fair deal.


Community sponsorship

Alternate Finance is actively involved in sponsoring Christchurch and New Zealand charities. Over the last 3 years we have supported numerous Christchurch facilities, including

  • Cross Road Youth with a Future
  • Parenting Inc.
  • Shirley Boys High School
  • Tanden Ministries
  • Mairehau High School
  • Neighbourhood Trust St. Albans Christchurch
  • Nae Nae Charitable Trust (Billy Graham)
  • Gideons
  • Ellesmere Food Bank
  • Sharp Trust
  • Youth Alive Trust New Brighton Christchurch

Our Locations

How we started

Alternate Finance is one of the few Christchurch finance companies which has withstood the test of time. We started way back in 1983. We treat our customers well, and we don't charge ridiculous fees. At Alternate Finance, our customer service is focused on you!