If you're in Christchurch, so is the Alternate Finance head office, and that means getting a Christchurch loan can have the personal touch. You can either apply online or, better yet, visit us here in Sandyford Street, Sydenham, in person. Just remember to bring your photo ID.
Alternate Finance is the home of Christchurch personal loans, including benefit loans, emergency loans, loans for students, small business loans and car finance.
If you have any question, please feel free to call us on our local Christchurch telephone number 03-379 7798.

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Our history in Christchurch

Alternate Finance has been established in 1983 and is a family, locally-owned Christchurch loan company. We were built on the values of giving Kiwis a fair finance deal, with low-interest rates and without the exorbitant penalty fees. We help people get out of debt with consolidation loans or get ahead in life with loans that might help you make a deposit on a house or a car.

We want you to be responsible with your money, to stay out of debt, yet if there's a good reason or an emergency, we're here to help take the stress away. Our Christchurch loan company has born & bred with Cantabrian values installed from day one. We'll see ya right, stick to our word and look after you in your moment of need because that's what Cantabrians do.

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