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Our history in Auckland

Alternate Finance was established in 1983 and is a family, Kiwi-owned personal loan company. We created Alternate Finance based on the values of giving Aucklanders a fair deal in finance, with some of the most competitive low interest rates and without the huge penalty fees that trap people in a cycle of debt. Instead, we help people get out of debt with debt consolidation loans. We also like to help people get ahead in life with Auckland loans that might help you make a deposit on a house or a car loan.

We encourage you to be sensible with your finances, and to stay out of debt where you can avoid it. If there's a good reason or an emergency, a personal loan might be the right answer, and we're here to take the stress away from difficult situations. Our Auckland loans extend from loans for beneficiaries, car finance, quick loans and small business loans. Alternate Finance was established with the good-old Kiwi value of "We'll see ya right"; We stick to our word and look after you at the moment you need us to take the stress away. After all, that's what New Zealanader's do.

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