How to Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

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Through Alternate Finance, it’s very easy to apply for a debt consolidation loan. You might not be 100% clear in your mind how it all works – but that’s what we’re here for, to answer all your questions such as ‘how do debt consolidation loans actually work’, or, ‘how can I get a debt consolidation loan?’

The starting point is, naturally, how much do you need to pay off your various other loans. This should be relatively straight-forward: simply make a list of all your current outstanding amounts and add them up for a total to apply for with Alternate Finance.

The next step is working out how much you are comfortable you can achieve in repayments at regular intervals (monthly, fortnightly, or weekly). Also, to keep our finger on the pulse of the community’s needs, we’ll also ask the reason for borrowing. You can select from one of our preset answers or choose ‘other’ and enter your own.

Next you’ll be letting us know the usual personal details for this sort of financial application: name and birthdate, married or single, living alone or with others, present address, phone number and email address. Make sure you have a valid form of ID ready, with a NZ driver’s licence preferred or a passport or other form of ID.

Alternate Finance is a flexible and responsive lender, always prepared to find a creative solution with you – this is made possible by the nature of our lending: secured finance, whereby you nominated a personal item of value (or a friend or family member and do this for you on your behalf) as collateral against the loan.

We’ll also need your employment details (or you can select the beneficiary option) including your employer name, what you do, and how long you’ve worked there. We’re not so interested in your earning power because it’s a secured loan, remember! It’s not a problem if you’ve only just started a new job, just provide us the details of your previous employment.

And that’s about it, you’re on the verge of making your repayments a whole lot easier, with one centralised loan from Alternate Finance. Too easy!


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