How do I get an emergency loan?

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Finding yourself short of money at just the wrong time in the pay cycle? No need to stress; Alternate Finance is here to help you. We provide emergency loans to Kiwi’s all throughout New Zealand, so no matter where you live, whether it’s Dunedin, Christchurch Wellington or Auckland, an emergency loan is as simple as jumping online and applying.

There are many unforeseen circumstances that could mean you need a bit of extra money in the bank. We often don’t know when an emergency will strike that requires you to make unexpected payments. Whether it’s your car breaking down, or your hot water cylinder starts leaking, it’s a stressful time in life and Alternate is here to help with those unexpected bills.

What People Get Emergency Loans For

The first thing you may be wondering is what people usually get emergency loans for. You’d be surprised by the wide variety of issues people in Christchurch have, that a loan can quickly clear up for them. Here are some reasons why people get emergency loans:


If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know how scary this can be. For some, it’s only made worse after the fact by realising that they aren’t covered by insurance. If you ever find yourself in this situation, what can you do? You may not have the money on hand to cover the repairs to your car, and any others affected. An emergency loan can help you cover the cost of repairs to your car and others.

Broken Appliances

A broken dryer in the middle of winter is no one’s idea of a good time. Appliances, unfortunately, seem to break at the worst of times. Whether it’s a washing machine, heat pump, or other appliance, we understand that you need it repaired ASAP. That’s why we offer a quick turnaround on our emergency loans in New Zealand.


Planning an unexpected funeral is not only emotionally draining, but financially draining as well. Money worries are the last thing you need when you’re grieving. If you need to pay for a funeral at short notice, an emergency loan can help you cover this. You may even need to pay medical bills, flights, and more associated costs. We have sympathetic, friendly employees who can help you out with your funeral payments.

School Bills

Perhaps your child has suddenly sprouted overnight and has outgrown their uniform. Getting an all-new school uniform is hugely expensive. Or maybe you have unexpected school bills looming. These can drastically throw out your planned monthly budget, leaving not enough money for other necessities. An emergency loan can solve these worries with an easy, manageable repayment plan.

Moving To A New House

There may come a time when you suddenly need to move house. Perhaps your landlord has given you notice, or you need to move for work. Moving to a new house is a costly exercise. Whether you need to pay a bond or hire a furniture mover, the bills just keep stacking up. You might have to get your old house cleaned before leaving. You may also need to pay for furniture storage if you have a gap between homes. Paying all of this at once, especially if you weren’t expecting it, can overwhelm your limited finances. Get a small loan to get you through.

Getting an Emergency Loan

At Alternate Finance, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We know that not everyone has a perfect credit rating because sometimes life gets in the way. That’s why our requirements are often different from other lenders in New Zealand.

Please contact us or fill in our application form and approvals usually take only 24-48 hours. Even if you don’t have a great credit rating, you might still qualify for one of our emergency loans, we like to give people second chances.

Alternate Finance is a business who cares about the New Zealand community we serve. That’s why we offer:

Fantastic Rates – don’t pay more interest than you need to. Interest can set you back and have you paying off loans for longer. We offer competitive interest rates because we want to get you back up and on your feet.

Listening – we are always here to listen. We make decisions on a case by case basis as we know that no two of our clients are alike. We are here to listen to your unique needs.

Understanding – we’re all about fair finance and credit ratings aren’t everything. Even if your credit score isn’t the best, we will take a genuine look at how much we think you can repay and go from there.

To apply for an emergency loan, simply fill out our online form. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Get yourself out of a tight spot with one of Alternate Finance’s emergency loans. Contact us now to talk to one of our friendly staff about how you can apply for an emergency loan today.


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