Help Paying Vet Bills


Tax bill due? Car repairs needed? You can always count on your ‘oh-so-considerate’ pets to get injured or sick at the worst possible times! To make things worse, vet bills always seem to be over-the-top expensive: ‘Oh, I thought it would be more than that’ are words you seldom hear from pet owners after a visit to the local veterinarian.

Whatever it may be, a cat with a urinary tract infection, a dog with a sprained hock, or a budgie with a scaly mite problem, every pet owner knows the feelings of concern and responsibility for the physical well-being of their cherished pet. It’s not easy having to make tough decisions around animal health, given that everybody has a limited budget and not every outlook is rosy for ongoing health.

Crester Credit is ideally placed to help you meet the challenge of unexpected and substantial vet bills. In an animal medical emergency the pressures of urgency, along with the pressure of high cost (for some reason in New Zealand it seems to be vets and dentists charging exorbitant rates for their services), combine to create a true financial pressure cooker situation. Crester provides pet-owners with loans for vet bills that mean you won’t blow-out your budget – effectively creating an installment-based repayment plan to act as a pressure release valve amidst the already expensive cost of daily living.

Just like their owners, cats and dogs are prone to illness and vet bills are almost an inevitability – but few pet owners even think to put money aside for this eventuality like you would for a holiday or school fees. This is why it’s such a shock when vet visits happen, our pets slip under the budgeting radar, with modest ongoing food expenses being their only regular cost. Help paying your vet bills is just an application away with Crester, don’t hesitate to apply – we’re here to help.