100+ Afterpay NZ Shops That Let You Buy Now & Pay Later

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Shopping can be expensive and financially draining. But what if you could buy the things you need now, but pay for them later? This article will introduce you to Afterpay NZ – a service that allows you to do just that! Find out which 30+ stores accept Afterpay NZ and start shopping today.

Introduction to Afterpay NZ

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of buying something you really want. But sometimes, that feeling is quickly followed by the reality of having to pay for it all at once. That’s where Afterpay comes in.

Afterpay is a service that allows you to buy now and pay later, interest-free. So you can get what you want, when you want it, and spread the cost over four fortnightly payments. If that’s not long enough, be sure to view Alternate Finances online personal loans.


100+ Afterpay NZ Shops

Here is a list of the 100 Afterpayshops in New Zealand. Afterpay is a service that allows you to buy now and pay later, interest-free over 4 payments at selected stores,


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Some of the top shops that accept Afterpay include:

#1 Farmers
#3 Missguided
#4 The Iconic
#5 Glassons
#6 Kmart
#7 Barkers
#8 Hallenstein Brothers
#9 Rodd & Gunn
#10 Macpac
#11 Nespresso
#12 Bed Bath n Table
#13 Rebel Sport
#14 The Warehouse
#15 Cotton On Group
#16 Bunnings Warehouse
#17 Adairs
#18 Decjuba
#19 Witchery
#20 Country Road
#21 Porters Ski and Board
#22 Watches of Switzerland
#23 Kathmandu
#24 JB Hi-Fi
#25 Shoe Connection
#26 Fonterra Shop
#27 Lorna Jane
#28 Swarovski NZ
#29 Scholls Shoes NZ
#30 Home Fix Plus
#31 Freedom Furniture
#32 Bonds Outlet
#33 Platypus Shoes
#34 Shoe Box NZ
#35 Force 4 Chandlery
#36 Ace Weenies
#37 Fragrances of New Zealand
#38 Love That Bag
#39 Canterbury of New Zealand
#40 MyDeal.co.nz
#41 Carpet Court NZ
#42 Appliance Shed
#43 Moochi
#44 Staglands Wildlife Reserve & Cafe
#45 Noel Leeming Group
#46 Book Depository NZ Ltd
#47 In The Style NZ Ltd.
#48 Yogamatters Ltd. (Yoga)
#49 Good As Gold Clothing Co. Ltd.
#50 Beds R Us
#51 The Baby Factory
#52 Silverfernz.com
#53 Naked Bus NZ Ltd
#54 Minerva Crafts Ltd
#55 Buyinvite NZ Ltd
#56 Wild Earth NZ Ltd
#57 Toast Clothing Co. Ltd.
#58 Mooks Clothing Co. Ltd.
#59 The Market NZ (Art)
#60 Stirling Sports
#61 Pretty Smart Online Shopping Limited
#62 Vita Health Care (NZ) Limited
#63 Maxshop
#64 Superette
#65 Plastic Free Shop NZ Limited
#66 The Beauty Lounge Salon Supplies (Beauty)
#67 Barkers Outlet (New Zealand) Limited
#68 World Of Wallpaper New Zealand Ltd
#69 Huffer
#70 Fishpond
#71 Air New Zealand Holidays
#72 Noel Leeming Group (New Zealand) Limited
#73 Hallensteins Brothers (Retail)
#74 Torpedo7
#75 Goodnest New Zealand Limited
#76 Playtech NZ Limited
#77 Mighty Ape Limited
#78 The Spinoff Shop Ltd.
#79 NZ Game Shop Ltd
#80 EB Games NZ Ltd.
#81 Hallensteins (Online) Ltd.
#82 Stuck On You
#83 Electrical Direct Limited
#84 Accent Clothing Co. Ltd.
#85 Alternatives Hair & Beauty Supplies (NZ) Ltd
#86 Little Character Clothing Company
#87 Gather Store
#88 Longbeach Surf NZ
#89 Cuddles Baby Boutique
#91 The Shoe Connection
#92 Stormfront Clothing Co. Ltd.
#93 Prints and More
#94 Smiggle NZ
#95 Sunnies Unlimited
#96 The North Face NZ
#97 Switch Lighting Limited
#98 X-IT Shoes Ltd.
#99 Postie+
#100 Garage Project NZ Ltd.


To use Afterpay, all you need is a credit or debit card. You’ll be shown your repayment schedule before you confirm your purchase, so there’s no surprises down the line. But be sure not to miss a payment to avoid late penalty fees.

Best of all, there are thousands of retailers across New Zealand who offer Afterpay as a payment option – meaning you can shop at your favourite stores and pay later with ease.

So whether you’re after a new wardrobe, some new furniture or just a couple of new pairs of shoes, be sure to check out our list of Afterpay NZ shops below. You’ll be able to buy now and enjoy your purchase straight away, without having to worry about paying for it all at once.


Clothing and Accessories

There are many reasons why you might want to consider using Afterpay to shop for clothing and accessories. Perhaps you need a new outfit for a special occasion but don’t have the budget to pay for it all upfront. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing off a particular piece of clothing or accessory for awhile but can’t justify the purchase. Whatever the reason, there are now plenty of options when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories with Afterpay.

In case you’re not familiar with how it works, Afterpay is basically a payment plan service that allows you to make purchases and then pay them off over time, interest-free. This means that you can get your hands on the items you want now and pay for them later in four equal instalments. All you need is a credit or debit card and you’re good to go.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite places to shop for clothing and accessories using Afterpay:

ASOS: ASOS is a beloved online retailer of all things fashion. With Afterpay, you can shop for clothing and accessories from ASOS and then pay them off in four equal instalments.


The Iconic: The Iconic is another popular online retailer of fashion items. They offer a wide selection of quality clothing and accessories that you can purchase with Afterpay and pay off later over time.

Boohoo: Boohoo is an online store that offers trendy clothes at budget prices. With Afterpay, you can make purchases from Boohoo and pay for them later in four separate instalments.

Princess Polly: Princess Polly is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs, from dresses to jumpsuits to jeans and more. You can now use Afterpay to purchase your favourite items from Princess Polly so you don’t have to worry about paying the entire cost upfront.


Electronics and Gadgets

There’s no doubt that electronics and gadgets are some of the most popular items to purchase online. Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone, laptop, TV or gaming console, you can find it all with Afterpay. Here are some of our favourite electronics and gadget stores in New Zealand that offer Afterpay:

1. PB Technologies

PB Technologies is one of New Zealand’s leading retailers for all things tech. They have a huge range of products from the latest smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and TVs. You can shop with confidence knowing that PB Technologies offersAfterpay on all orders over $100.

2. Noel Leeming

Noel Leeming is another top retailer for electronics and gadgets in New Zealand. They also have a great range of products available, including many of the latest releases from leading brands. Noel Leeming offers Afterpay on orders over $100, so you can spread the cost of your purchase interest-free.

3. JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi is an Australian retailer that has recently expanded into New Zealand. They offer a wide range of electronics and gadgets at great prices, making them a popular choice for many shoppers. JB Hi-Fi offersAfterpay on orders over $50, so you can easily get your hands on the latest products without breaking the bank.


Home and Living

1. Home and Living

If you’re looking for Afterpay shops that sell home and living products, we’ve got you covered. From furniture and homewares to appliances and electronics, there are plenty of retailers that offer Afterpay as a payment option.

Here are some of our favourite Afterpay shops for home and living products:

– Adairs: This Australian homewares retailer offers a wide range of stylish furniture, bedding, towels, and more. You can shop online or in-store with Afterpay.

– Freedom Furniture: Another great option for furniture shopping with Afterpay. Freedom Furniture has a wide range of stylish and affordable pieces for your home. They also offer free delivery on orders over $2000.

– Harvey Norman: Harvey Norman is a large retailer that stocks just about everything for your home, from furniture and appliances to electronics and outdoor gear. You can use Afterpay both online and in-store.

– JB Hi-Fi: JB Hi-Fi is a popular electronics store in Australia and New Zealand. They sell everything from TVs and laptops to phones and cameras, and you can pay for your purchases with Afterpay both online and in-store.


Beauty and Health Care Items

There are a few different types of items that can be classified as beauty and health care items. This can include make-up, skincare products, hair care products, fragrance, and nail care products. There are many different places that these items can be purchased from, but not all of them offer Afterpay as a payment option.

Some of the best places to buy beauty and health care items in New Zealand that DO offer Afterpay include Naturals Beauty Store, MECCA, ASOS, Adore Beauty, and Sephora. These stores all offer a wide range of products from different brands, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Plus, with Afterpay you can buy now and pay later – making your purchase even easier on your wallet!


Benefits of Shopping with Afterpay NZ

Afterpay is a payment option that lets you shop now and pay later. This can be a great option for those who want to make a purchase but may not have the funds available at the time. There are many benefits to shopping with Afterpay, including:

-You can buy what you want now and pay for it later in four equal installments.
-There is no interest or added fees when using Afterpay.
-You can use Afterpay at many different stores, both online and in-person.
-Shopping with Afterpay can help you budget better since you can spread out the cost of your purchase over time.

If you’re considering using Afterpay for your next purchase, keep these benefits in mind!


Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping With Afterpay NZ

1. What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows you to shop now and pay later, in four equal installments, interest-free! That means you can shop for what you want, when you want it, and not have to worry about paying for it all at once.

2. How does it work?

Once you’ve found something you want to buy from a participating store, select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. You’ll then be redirected to the Afterpay website to sign up or log in to your account. From there, you’ll need to provide your payment details and confirm your order. Once that’s done, your purchase will be processed and the goods will be on their way!

3. When do I need to pay?

Your first installment will be due 14 days after your purchase is made, with the remaining three installments due every fortnight thereafter. However, if you make your second payment before the first is due, the remaining two payments will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you make your second payment one week after your first purchase, your third payment will be due in three weeks instead of four.

4. How much does it cost?

There are no additional fees for using Afterpay – all costs are included in your total purchase price! However, please note that late fees may apply if you fail to make a scheduled payment on time


Shopping with Afterpay is an easy and convenient way to get the items you want now without breaking the bank. With more than 30 shops in New Zealand offering this payment option, we’re sure that you can find something that suits your budget and style. We hope our list of Afterpay NZ stores has been helpful to you in making your shopping decisions. Happy shopping!



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