Bad Credit Loans Christchurch

Need a personal loan but have bad credit?

Alternate Finance looks beyond the simple face value of a bad credit rating and, rather, considers an individual’s unique situation to determine if he or she qualifies for a loan. Whatever your circumstances, make sure you fill out our loan application form.

Demand continues to grow for this type of loan as more and more borrowers are seeking no credit check loans in Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

Bad credit loans operate on the principle that, to receive finance, borrowers should be judged on their current ability to pay back a loan, and shouldn’t be held back by bad credit history.

This is possible by considering other factors, for example, assessing the security you have, rather than your income and credit check findings. An example of a secured loan is a car loan where the car becomes the asset provided as collateral, whereas an unsecured loan doesn’t require any collateral or security.

Debt unification can make week-to-week living easier and emergency loans can relieve a lot of stress and pressure for our clients. We look beyond a bad credit rating because we believe credit history alone should not be an insurmountable obstacle to obtaining fast and easy cash loans.

The pathway to obtaining a bad credit loan in Christchurch can and should be one of dignity, respect and understanding – something no credit check alone can encompass.